Bees are the backbone of the environment as we know it, helping many plant and animal species by pollinating almost all the plantbased things we eat. Unfortunately, as precious as the bees are to our ecosystem, there has been an increasing worry about the rate at which bees are dying and what it means for our future.

Here are 4 extremely easy things you can do to help protect the bees:

Bees are thirsty. Put a small basin of fresh water outside your home.

Bees work really hard to produce honey and it is our duty to ensure that they are well looked after. Place a small basin of fresh clean water outside your home to allow bees to rest and drink water – they’ll appreciate it. With all the hard work in the sun, bees get thirsty and need water to help them throughout the day.

Make your garden a bee-friendly space

If you’re a plant-parent, add non-hybrid, fruit, vegetable or herb plants to your garden as this is another way to attract bees and to provide them with a source of nourishment.

Don’t fear bees, they do not want to harm you. 

As much as we fear bees, they fear us too. Their only job is to forage pollen and nectar from flowers and to bring it back to the hive to bring food for themselves and the beehive. To ensure that they do not sting you in the process of it all always stay still and calm when they are near or on you, this way, they’ll be absolutely harmless.

Buy local, raw honey

The honey you buy directly affects the way honey is being sourced, it’s gives beekeepers an indication as to how the honey needs to be sourced and how bees need to be looked after. To ensure that the honey you and others eat are sourced sustainably, buy local, raw honey that is not treated with any chemicals or other harmful substances that will endanger both the bees and the honey itself.

 Raw honey offers many health benefits and serves as a particularly healthy sugar alternative. To reap the benefits of one of mother nature’s wonders responsibly, ensure that you are buying local, real, raw honey that is sustainably sourced. The Kauai honey is sustainably sourced, 100% South African & 100& Honey, no nasty stuff.

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