A look inside the Stormers Kauai Kitchen.

We recently opened the Kauai Kitchen at the Western Province Rugby High Performance Centre, establishing the new partnership between us and the DHL Stormers giving players the full Kauai experience. While the team is on home soil they will be looked after by us to ensure they are fuelling themselves with nutritious food.

The DHL Stormers can expect nutritionally balanced Kauai Smart Meals delivered to them, as well as their all-time favourite Kauai Peanut Butter Bomb and Kauai wraps post-training to increase their daily protein and nutrition intake.

What is seen as a major boost for the squad by the DHL Stormers Head Coach John Dobson, this partnership will ensure that the DHL Stormers are fuelled with clean fresh ingredients, loaded with nutrition that is good for them, naturally.


“Nutrition is such a key aspect of professional sport, so to know that we are being fuelled by the best partner in Kauai is huge for us. The Kauai Kitchen at the HPC looks amazing and of course the food is top-notch, so we are really grateful for everything they have done and look forward to a long association,” he said.

As the leading health food restaurant serving South Africans for over 26 years and in a growth phase to become more than just a health food restaurant, using digital technology to reward consumers for living healthier lifestyles going forward, we will offer fitness and movement, sustainability, and mental health resources to support our existing nutrition offering in the Kauai App. From superfoods to responsibly sourced, sustainable ingredients we offers an always innovative selection of nutrient dense food that is customisable based on our customers’ dietary preferences.


In 2022, we recognised an opportunity for macro-balanced ready-to-eat meal plans and launched Kauai Smart Meals which are customised, weekly meal plans containing the finest locally sourced ingredients, tailored to unique wellness goals, and conveniently delivered to your door. There are three different menu options to choose from, each designed to help achieve your goals using preservative free wholefoods that are bursting with nutrition and delicious, natural flavours so you don’t have to compromise on great taste.


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