Alt Mylks with Rude Health

We are upping our game with mylks (what the cool people are calling milk alternatives). We pick our partners for sustainability, source ethically and go to great lengths to find brands who have the same values as we do. Rude Health is also all about honest, healthy food.

Rude Health Barista Milk Alternatives

Why ‘Rude Health’?

The Rude Health range of dairy free drinks are about flavour, quality and choice. They initially made them, simply because they didn’t think people should have to lower their standards on quality of food and ingredients when choosing a dairy alternative. They saw shelves full of ‘healthy’ nut and plant-based milk full of unrecognisable and unpronounceable ingredients. Gums, thickeners and emulsifiers to name a few. These are not things we want to put in our bodies or pour into our latte. Most importantly, they wanted nut and plant-based milk that were honest. . So, what did they do about it? They made their own. All their milks contain no refined sugars, thickeners, gums or emulsifiers. They are organic and made with no more than five nourishing and real ingredients. Nothing artificial. Or refined. They also taste mouth bogglingly good. When 2/3rd of your latte is milk, why not use the best?

What Is A Dairy Alternative?

People choose dairy alternatives for many different reasons. For some who are lactose intolerant, it is a dietary requirement. For others, it is a lifestyle or ethical choice. Dairy alternatives are plant-based alternatives to cows milk.

Alt Milks with Rude Health

The Perfect Match For Our Organic Blends, Brew!

The Rude Health Barista Oat Oat Milk 

Rude Health believes in great lattes, they’ve added a tiny bit of seaweed (yes, really!) to their Barista Oat. It tones down the acidity and allows oat and bean to blend together in velvety harmony. Coffee, meet your match.

Rude Health Barista Oat Milk

The Rude Health Barista Almond 

Rude Health’s Barista Almond milk has almonds for a nutty flavour, oats for a creamy texture and a drop of natural sunflower lecithin to marry them perfectly with coffee.

Rude Health Barista Almond Milk

Find our more about Rude Health & their alternatives here


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