We’re so inspired by all your efforts to stay fit so we thought we’d compile some of our fav at home workouts for you all in one place. Want to share your home workout with the world? Tag us in your videos or posts & we’ll share it with the world. Get up, get fit & get recording! 


Virgin Active has got you covered during lockdown! They’ve got some great at home workouts for you to try. 

 All about legs? Try this leg killer workout with Richard !

Or thinking about getting that core in shape? This core workout with Richard will help you get there without a doubt.


Angelique Fredericks and her boyfriend, Ricardo De Leca, have a great at-home, equipment free ab team workout. So grab a buddy & get working on those abs!


Discovery Vitality challenges you to try this 7-minute total body HIIT home workout. Get that body moving and all those muscles working in this full body workout bound to get that heart rate up.


Let’s get fit with Ophela Mhlauli ! She’s got some great workout videos on her Instagram to try out. We get tired just from watching them, you’d definitely be achieving those daily fitness goals with her at-home workouts.


Jana De Wet from Dance science applied has got a workout that would definitely get that heart rate up. Try out her workout & get your body moving – now is the time to get motivated & get fit! 


Michaela Bezer definitely got a head start on lockdown & how to stay fit while in quarantine. She has compiled a few at home workouts for you to try.  Check out her guide below. 

Michaela’s Home Workouts-min


Stormers player, Dillyn Leyds knows that no matter what the situation is, you’ve got to keep working & staying active. He’s given us all a great core workout that incorporates almost any household item to increase the intensity for you. So pick up a pot plant, bag of flour or a water bottle and get crunching!


Zain Ramsdenhas some great at home workouts for you to follow. He’s making it interesting & fun for us all by giving us some fitness challenges to try out and see if you’ve got what it takes! Check his Instagram page for workouts bound to get you in shape!


Candice Bodington (@candibod) is giving us all the fitness feels with these great at home workouts and fitness e-book! We absolutely love her workouts & just makes us want to get up and start working no matter what we are doing! She’s got some great easy to follow workout videos, check out her YouTube channel here. Try out her full body sweat home workout, no equipment required!


Melby Mhuruyengwe at Infinitekairosfit has got some challenges that will definitely make you break a sweat & get you to reach those fitness goals! Up for a challenge?  Try her IKFITQUARANTINE challenge & see if you can keep up!

Disclaimer: Only some of the featured workouts are by qualified trainers. They’re just here for you to try out at home and stay active!

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