Wrap Subscriptions are Back

What’s better than a balanced selection of fresh, healthy ingredients wrapped up? 5 healthy, balanced wraps! Our Wrap Subscriptions are back just in time for you to invest in healthy lunches for summer.

Purchase 5 wraps for only R299 to redeem over a period of 30 days on the Kauai App.

How to purchase and use your subscription?

  • Purchase your subscription under “Subscriptions” on the Kauai App.
  • Find your active subscription under “My Subscriptions” under “Subscriptions”
  • Open your subscription to redeem your wrap when you are paying in store or apply your subscription on check out when ordering ahead on the Kauai App.

Purchase Your Wrap Subscription Now on the Kauai App.

Ts & Cs apply. Offer valid till 14 November 2023.


A look inside the Stormers Kauai Kitchen.

We recently opened the Kauai Kitchen at the Western Province Rugby High Performance Centre, establishing the new partnership between us and the DHL Stormers giving players the full Kauai experience. While the team is on home soil they will be looked after by us to ensure they are fuelling themselves with nutritious food.

The DHL Stormers can expect nutritionally balanced Kauai Smart Meals delivered to them, as well as their all-time favourite Kauai Peanut Butter Bomb and Kauai wraps post-training to increase their daily protein and nutrition intake.

What is seen as a major boost for the squad by the DHL Stormers Head Coach John Dobson, this partnership will ensure that the DHL Stormers are fuelled with clean fresh ingredients, loaded with nutrition that is good for them, naturally.


“Nutrition is such a key aspect of professional sport, so to know that we are being fuelled by the best partner in Kauai is huge for us. The Kauai Kitchen at the HPC looks amazing and of course the food is top-notch, so we are really grateful for everything they have done and look forward to a long association,” he said.

As the leading health food restaurant serving South Africans for over 26 years and in a growth phase to become more than just a health food restaurant, using digital technology to reward consumers for living healthier lifestyles going forward, we will offer fitness and movement, sustainability, and mental health resources to support our existing nutrition offering in the Kauai App. From superfoods to responsibly sourced, sustainable ingredients we offers an always innovative selection of nutrient dense food that is customisable based on our customers’ dietary preferences.


In 2022, we recognised an opportunity for macro-balanced ready-to-eat meal plans and launched Kauai Smart Meals which are customised, weekly meal plans containing the finest locally sourced ingredients, tailored to unique wellness goals, and conveniently delivered to your door. There are three different menu options to choose from, each designed to help achieve your goals using preservative free wholefoods that are bursting with nutrition and delicious, natural flavours so you don’t have to compromise on great taste.


Eat your way to race day

With five weeks to go till the Otter African Trail Run, runners are well into their training routines for the Grail of Trail. Nutrition can be the difference between responding to a strict training routine well and improving performance and training yourself into a state of injury or energy deficiency. It’s also not just about ‘what’ you eat, but also ‘when’ and how you distribute your meals throughout the day.
We worked with a seasoned runner and dietitian to guide us on the best nutrition to complement a training routine that will help you bring your best at the Otter African Trail Run (or just your next mountain run) this October 2022.
What should our daily diet look like in the weeks leading up to race day?
Meal composition: Variety, variety, variety!
Why do we require variety in what we eat? It’s vital that we eat a varied diet that is made up of all food groups. Variety in our diet ensures that we are getting in the nutrients that our bodies need to function at our best. The food groups are whole grains, fruit, veg, lean proteins and dairy. (And let’s not forget about legumes! A nutrient powerhouse!)
Our body’s primary source of fuel is carbohydrates. We need to ensure that we include them in our diet to ensure that we are fueling our bodies for the work it is doing- especially in the context of endurance sports. To train or race well, we need to replenish muscle glycogen stores – this is one of the areas where carbohydrates are stored in our body when we exercise. Our bodies use these glycogen stores for fuel – just like a car would use petrol. If we do not eat enough carbohydrates, these stores do not get filled up again, and we end up with insufficient glycogen in other words; not enough fuel. Just like a car without petrol, this won’t take us very far, and our performance will be affected. With all of this being said, we also need the correct amounts of protein and fats.
Meal and snack distribution
What we eat is just as important as when we eat it. For example, there is little benefit in eating all your protein at supper time but not eating any in the first half of the day. You want to make sure that your nutrient distribution throughout the day makes sense. This is important for a variety of reasons: to ensure that your blood sugar response is balanced, which will leave you more satisfied and prevent highs and lows in terms of energy levels, and of course it will ensure that you meet your individual nutritional needs.
Two top tips:
  1. Make sure that ALL your meals and snacks are balanced. This will ensure that your macronutrient distribution is adequate and that you give your body what it needs throughout the day. This will also help to keep your blood sugar levels balanced so you will be more satisfied and it will help with cravings because you are giving your body what it needs. It becomes more specific with training sessions. Th duration and intensity of a session play a role here in terms of determining how to fuel, but this is specific to each individual.
  2. Always have something to eat before a training session and immediately after. For most people, this looks like breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 2-3 snacks.

Virgin Active CEO Appointment and Acquisition

4 March 2022

Virgin Active

CEO Appointment and Acquisition

• Dean Kowarski, founder of The Real Foods Group, appointed as Group CEO of Virgin Active

• Existing and new shareholders to invest £88.4 million to fund future growth opportunities

• Virgin Active acquires the nutrition assets of The Real Foods Group to create a combined fitness and nutrition group.

Virgin Active today announces that Dean Kowarski, founder of The Real Foods Group, has been appointed Group CEO of Virgin Active with immediate effect.

Dean started the Real Foods Group in 2013 and acquired the Kauai business in 2015 and has subsequently grown the business from 100 stores to 204 stores. Dean has been active in, and has an in-depth understanding and passion for, the health and wellness space for many years. He also has had a close association with the Virgin Active business.

Matthew Bucknall, who had previously announced his intention to retire 25 years after co-founding the business, will step down as CEO. He will remain as a special adviser to the Board and as a Non-Executive Director of Virgin Active Italy.

The company is also announcing an internal promotion today. Mark Field, currently Managing Director of Virgin Active South Africa, will become Group CFO. He will take up this position once a new MD for Virgin Active South Africa has been appointed.

The existing shareholders of Virgin Active, Brait and Virgin Group, will be investing an additional £20.2 million in the business. In addition, certain of the members of the investor consortium in Real Foods will invest GBP18.2 million and Titan Premier Investments (Pty) Limited (“Titan”), an investment vehicle of Christo Wiese, will invest GBP50.0 million to become new shareholders in Virgin Active.

The new capital will be used to support the business’ ongoing recovery and to accelerate future growth. This will include investing in existing physical spaces, developing new product and service offerings, embracing digital and cutting-edge technologies and pioneering new innovations to improve customer experience and increase member engagement.

Virgin Active also separately announced that it has acquired the nutrition assets of The Real Foods Group for GBP28.6 million. This acquisition is subject to a number of conditions precedent, including regulatory approvals, and is anticipated to be implemented in the second quarter of this year. Upon implementation, the Real Foods Group nutrition assets will be combined with Virgin Active to create a wellness group.

The pandemic has accelerated people’s appetite to lead a healthier lifestyle, and consumer demand is forecast to rise for the foreseeable future, creating significant growth potential. To support this demand most effectively, both foundations of wellness – fitness and nutrition – need to be addressed. A combined approach has the power to guard against preventable diseases and create a healthier society.

The Real Foods deal combines leaders in both the fitness and nutrition fields. Virgin Active is a global leader in the Health Club sector. Since it opened its first club in 1999, it has grown to over 230 clubs, with close to a million members employing over 25,000 people across eight countries. In 2019, before the pandemic, Virgin Active delivered its best year with record EBITDA of £142m.

Real Foods is a multi-brand food group committed to natural food, innovation and social responsibility. Real Foods was founded by Dean Kowarski and operates 204 sites under brands including Kauai and NÜ Health Café and employs over 2500 people across 6 countries. It has also successfully been operating its store-within-a-store concept throughout Virgin Active’s sites in South Africa for 18 years, in addition to its standalone and franchised sites.

After implementation of the Real Foods acquisition, Virgin Active and Real Foods will operate with a shared vision, under the guidance of a single leadership group, which will help create opportunities and commercial efficiencies to build a broader wellbeing offering. It will enable the group to align fitness and nutrition around a single goal and provide shared data and personalized nutrition in concert with curated, accessible exercise programs. This will allow members and customers to realise their health goals more effectively and sustainably which, in turn, will drive membership growth and retention.

Dean Kowarski, Group CEO of Virgin Active, commented:
“This is an incredibly exciting moment for Virgin Active and The Real Foods Group. Both brands have been pioneers in their respective wellness fields, building local and international reputations for excellence. On the back of today’s transaction, we now have the opportunity to combine our skills to deliver a complete health offer around both fitness and nutrition so that our members can meet their health goals more successfully. This, alongside the additional investment in the business, positions Virgin Active strongly to deliver growth over the long term.”

Matthew Bucknall, Co-founder and retiring CEO of Virgin Active, added:
“It has long been our strategy to complete the virtuous circle of exercise, diet and health for our members. Combining Virgin Active’s leadership in exercise experience with Real Foods proven expertise in nutrition creates a very credible and compelling offer. Virgin Active is now ideally placed to support the ever-growing demand for healthier lifestyles. I have worked closely with Dean and the Real Food Group for many years and have every confidence in the success of the combined business.”

Simon Susman, Chairman of Virgin Active, said:
“Today’s announcements are an important next step for Virgin Active as we capitalise on positive health trends around the world. We are delighted to welcome Dean Kowarski as CEO. He has a strong track record at Real Foods and our two businesses have worked well together for many years. At the same time, I would like to thank Matthew for the enormous amount that he has achieved in his 25 years at Virgin Active. His ongoing experience as an adviser to the board will be invaluable.”

Further enquiries:
UK Media Teneo Ben Foster +44 7776 240 806

South African Media Fletcher Advisory Cathryn Pearman Cathryn@Fletcheradvisory.com +27 82 8233214 Daniel Thole Daniel@Fletcheradvisory.com +27 61 400 2939 (Whatsapp only)


Summer has Sprung! And with it, we introduce our New Kauai Summer menu.

If summer was a salad, then it would be on the new Kauai summer menu. Not only is our salad game strong this summer, every new wrap, bowl, pot & smoothie you’ll meet at Kauai this summer was picked, planned, and perfected from the ground up! Most importantly, all ingredients are seasonal, sustainable, locally sourced and as healthy for the planet as it is for you.


The Kauai summer is here, and with it comes a rainbow of salads and flavours like never before!


Our new Trout Rainbow Salad Bowl is the thing dreams are made of with its colourful mix of smoked trout, coconut shavings, cream cheese dressing and more! Perfect for that lunch date with friends while enjoying our New Blueberry Cooler Raw Juice.


Our unique salad range is equal parts picture-worthy and protein-packed, whether you like it plant-based or you opt for steak. The Avo Falafel Salad bowl and Avo Steak Salad bowl is all you avo wanted and you can pair it with our MANGO Lassi for that perfect pairing.


If you prefer something slightly spicy, the Spicy Chicken Caesar packs a flavoured punch combined with parmesan and free-range chicken. Think early dinner with family or friends and on your way out, grab yourself one of our New Cold Coffees to keep you energised.




A healthy yoghurt smoothie with refreshing fruity flavours. Probiotic packed yoghurt and immune-boosting ginger is perfectly complimented with fresh mangos.

Blueberry Cooler

The refreshing Blueberry Cooler raw juice is what this season is all about! Blueberries and fresh veggies combined to make a thirst quenching & hydrating summer drink.

New Cold Coffees

Caffeine – on ice please! Get your organic coffee fix all summer long with our new Iced American and Iced Cappuccino.

No Bull Burger

The No Bull Burger has a bestie! Our OG vegan burger just got better, we’ve added another burger to our plant-based No Bull burger – this one has avo, red onion pickle & rocket.


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It has been a hot topic in recent times, with many talked-about uses and health benefits – if you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably tried it at least once. We are talking about CBD!

You might be asking yourself, ”CBD? Do you mean Central Business District?” Close.  Well not really, no.

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol.  CBD is a chemical compound that is found in marijuana and hemp (a relative of the famous marijuana plant). It is made by extracting this chemical compound from the cannabis plant and then is thinned out with another type of oil, such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Although CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana, the CBD extracted from hemp is most commonly used in CBD products because it contains less than 1 percent THC. THC is the psychoactive compound that makes you high. This is why so many products use CBD as it provides functional and health benefits without getting high or intoxicating the body.

CBD has no psychoactive properties

(source: truharvestfarms.com)

The Uses/Benefits

CBD is used for medicinal reasons such as:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Migraines

The benefits include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces arthritis and chronic pain
  • Improves sleep and reduces insomnia
  • Assists in nicotine addiction by reducing withdrawal symptoms
  • Relieves anxiety and depression

Where do we come in? 

Our Kauai family is the most important thing to us. whether you’re stressed, anxious, or just need to relax after a long day. We have just what you need – The Tropical CBD Smoothie.

With 5mg of CBD, fresh mangoes, strawberries, pressed apple juice, and a list of other nutritious ingredients. The Tropical CBD Smoothie is one of the most delicious smoothies we offer!

So grab a Tropical CBD Smoothie and relax.

We have implemented the necessary precautions in-store to protect our staff and our customers during the delivery of all Kauai food, read it here. 

We’ve also got a temporary COVID-19 resource portal if you need any additional info.

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Here’s where you can get your Kauai fix in Lockdown level 4

We said it the first time around and we’ll say it again – we’re in this together! Kauai will have you covered throughout lockdown level 4 and together we’ll make it through this. Most of our stores are open for takeaway orders & for delivery on Uber Eats and Mr D Food.

The following stores are trading:

  • Broadacresn Virgin Active
  • Centurion Virgin Active
  • Claremont Virgin Active

  • Ballito
  • Bayside
  • Blue Route
  • Camps Bay
  • Canal Walk
  • Castle Gate
  • Checkers Constantia
  • Checkers Fairbridge
  • Checkers Rosebank
  • Checkers Sandton
  • Checkers Woodlands
  • Cavendish
  • Cedar RT
  • Cresta RT
  • Constantia RT
  • Durban North
  • Food Truck
  • Florida Road
  • Gateway Food Court
  • Gateway Wavehouse
  • Kenilworth
  • Kloof
  • La Lucia Mall
  • Lanseria
  • Melrose Arch
  • Menlyn RT
  • Muizenburg
  • Musgrave
  • Neighbourhood Square
  • New Road East
  • New Road West
  • Portside
  • Rosebank RT
  • Sandon City
  • Sandton RT
  • Shell Cornubia
  • SRG House
  • The Marc
  • The Point
  • Tygervalley RT
  • Westville Mall


Ever seen a Winter Wonderland? Our NEW Winter Menu will take you there.

We’ve got the ingredients to keep you warm all winter long.

Get Ready: We’ve searched and searched and listened to our loyal Kauai family and gave you exactly what you have been asking for.  We are delighted to provide a variety of plant-based meals and hearty dishes!


Ava go and try it: sliced avo, toast, chili, hemp seeds

Ever had a breakfast that made you pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming? Our Sliced Avo & Toast is immensely delicious with colourful sliced Avocado and flavourful Chili and Hemp seeds.

Did we mention the Benefits?



Yes, you read that right: You have asked and we have delivered, we have created a delicious plant-based oats porridge pot.

What’s inside? rolled oats, almond macadamia nut butter, dates, oat milk, banana, cinnamon

Who doesn’t love Nut Butters? Our delicious Plant Porridge Pot is filled with Almond Macadamia Nut Butter, which is filled with Vitamin E, Magnesium and antioxidants which protect your body from inflammation.


 No one saw this coming: The all-time favourite Plant Peanut Butter Bomb is just as good as the original Peanut Butter Bomb but is 100% plant–based


Everything Plant: plant protein, sugar-free peanut butter, banana, cacao, oat milk, coconut milk

Vegan but just as amazing: The Plant Peanut Butter Bomb is exactly what you crave, need, want, desire and everything in between!


Can’t go to Thailand? We’ve got the next best thing! Surprising you with one of the tastiest items on the menu is a NEW warm bowl that will just tickle your fancy (oh and is 100% plant-based).

Bringing the East to your tastebuds: butternut, lentils, broccoli, red curry sauce, coconut milk, coconut shavings, coriander

 Nothing is this divine: What makes our Plant Thai Curry so special is that it is made with a special Red Curry Sauce.


A Better Planet for all: At KAUAI we’re on a journey towards building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for all of our customers. To do that we need to deliver not only healthier foods, but continuously push ourselves towards practices that will ensure a better future for our planet and all its inhabitants.

100 % No Bull: Black bean & mushroom patty, bun, tomato, greens, gherkins, vegan BBQ mayo.


Falafel? Yeah, we went there: With a chickpea Falafel, the Avo Falafel Wrap is a must-try for all falafel lovers and foodies alike!

All Wrapped Up: chickpea falafel, avo, red pepper, cabbage, cucumber, gherkin, rocket, vegan nut butter dressing

What can this do for me? Falafel is filled with many health benefits that can assist you in many ways. It contains a wide variety of nutrients, is a good source of fiber, and contains plant-based protein from the beans. The fiber in Falafels has shown to help assist blood sugar levels by slowing carb absorption, this promotes steady rises in blood sugar rather than spikes. Also, the fiber in falafel has been shown to improve bowel health, as well as lower risks of heart disease.


Yes, it really is free: At Kauai, when ordering a hot drink, you can now choose milk alternatives such as oat milk and almond milk, FOR FREE!

We have implemented the necessary precautions in-store to protect our staff and our customers during the delivery of all Kauai food, read it here. 

We’ve also got a temporary COVID-19 resource portal if you need any additional info.

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Breakfast Like A Boss

Do you know the famous saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Well, maybe those people were onto something…

For years health and wellness experts have said that breakfast is the key start to the day.  With breakfast, your performance on day-to-day tasks could improve. It could also improve your physical and mental health. There are many benefits of having breakfast. To name just a few…

Boost of Energy:

Breakfast gives you your first boost of energy that you will carry throughout the day and help overcome feelings of groggy-ness upon first waking up.

Increased Concentration:

Breakfast can give you increased concentration and helps you retain and recall information more efficiently

Nutrients Needed:

Breakfast is your first chance at providing your body with essential nutrients during the day, which can often not be accomplished in those who skip breakfast.

Basic Formula:

Pair carbs with proteins. The carbs give your body energy to get started and your brain the fuel it needs to take on the day. Protein gives you staying power and helps you feel full until your next meal.

Be sure to incorporate at least 2-3 of these healthy breakfast essentials to get the most out of your breakfast by eating foods that give you sufficient nutrients and guard against feelings of hunger during the day…

  • Whole Grains
  • Lean Protein
  • Fruits and Vegetables

Where do we come in? 

We have some of the most delicious and nutritious breakfast items you could ask for. Some to mention are:

Almond Porridge Pot


Balanced Breakfast



Power Oats


Sliced Avo Toast


Plant Porridge Pot

Did you hear about our NEW breakfast promotion?

Get any free small hot drink when you purchase any breakfast menu item in-store – only available until 11am daily. And for our Kauai fam that enjoys milk alternatives, you can switch to Oat Milk and Almond Milk FOR FREE. Ts & Cs apply.

This promotional offer is available in all Kauai stores till 30 June 2021. After this date, the promotional offer will no longer be available.


We have implemented the necessary precautions in-store to protect our staff and our customers during the delivery of all Kauai food, read it here. 

We’ve also got a temporary COVID-19 resource portal if you need any additional info.

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Get Kauai delivered & get rewarded!

Earn rewards when you order Kauai on Mr D Food. Earn your cashback in the Kauai App when you order on Mr D Food! To earn your rewards, all you need to do is follow these easy steps.

  1. Order Kauai on the Mr D Food App for delivery.
  2. At checkout in th Mr D Food App, add your Kauai App registered cellphone number to link your Kauai App profile.
  3. The 2% cashback on your Mr D Food delivery order will
    automatically reflect in your Kauai App wallet balance, you can track your Kauai App wallet balance on the home screen.
  4. And enjoy your Kauai!
  5. Visit our app Ts & Cs to learn more.

We have implemented the necessary precautions in-store to protect our staff and our customers during the delivery of all Kauai food, read it here. 

We’ve also got a temporary COVID-19 resource portal if you need any additional info.

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Your favourite Peanut Butter Bomb is now also available as a vegan option.

What’s your definition of creamy? Ours is the NEW Plant Peanut Butter bomb. We thought our vegan fans needed to get in on the Peanut Butter Bomb action so we gave the all-time favourite a vegan twist and we’re pretty proud of what we came up with. As part of our 2021 Winter menu, we have launched the Plant Peanut Butter Bomb and it is just as good as the original Peanut Butter Bomb but is 100% plant-based.

What are the benefits?

It’s made with all honest ingredients  –  plant protein, sugar-free peanut butter, banana, cacao, oat milk, & coconut milk. It’s a great source of plant-based protein & is quite healthy.  Whether you’re craving a tasty snack or in need of a protein boost, the Plant Peanut Butter Bomb is here for it.


Make sure you get your daily protein intake with a smoothie subscription with the Kauai app. Get smoothies for 30  days or smoothies for 15 days and save up to 70%. Learn more.

We have implemented the necessary precautions in-store to protect our staff and our customers during the delivery of all Kauai food, read it here. 

We’ve also got a temporary COVID-19 resource portal if you need any additional info.

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We’ve partnered with FNB eBucks to bring you some irresistible Kauai benefits.

Kauai monthly eBucks benefits are available to FNB and RMB Private Banking customers! This benefit voucher rewards qualifying eBucks members with a monthly complimentary Kauai menu item or discount voucher to be redeemed at any of our Kauai stores. To qualify for this benefit voucher, you need to spend 100% of your ‘’monthly spend’’ with your FNB/RMB Private Bank Fusion or Credit Card.

Your FNB or RMB Banking benefit voucher is allocated to you on a monthly basis, based on your reward level for that specific month (± 30days). You will receive your benefit on the same day as your eBucks allocation and your reward level update and can be redeemed with your FNB/RMB Private Banking app. Your reward voucher is only valid for a month until the next eBucks allocation day and does not carry over to the next month. The validity of the rewards varies and the expiration date is specified on each reward.

Your eBucks and Kauai benefit is based on your reward levels. With reward levels 1 to 3 may only redeem 1 item, as specified in the category infographics. FNB eBucks members on reward levels 4 and 5 can redeem for more than the value of the voucher, but will have to pay in the difference (outstanding amount). The discount voucher redemption is once-off, so if you redeem for a lesser value, you will lose the difference in value and will not be able to use the discount voucher again.

Please visit https://kauai.co.za/find-kauai/ or download the Kauai App to locate your nearest Kauai store.

For more terms and conditions on the FNB eBucks programme, please visit: https://kauai.co.za/promo/kauai-fnb-ebucks-partnership/

Kauai (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to amend the above-mentioned promotional terms and conditions in all Kauai stores. All information was correct at the time of publishing on www.kauai.co.za

Available here:



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