Coming soon… Winter’s almost here!

Honest, responsibly sourced and innovative ingredients always! Our Winter Menu is coming soon!

Put them together in delicious ways, and we’ve got a menu (and you, a lunch order) as FRESH as it gets. Often this means letting the seasons and seasonal produce guide us when we decide what to put on our menu. Twice a year (summer and winter), we launch seasonal menus that not only brings the winter feels but tons of nutrients to keep you going & super healthy during the colder days.

This comes with a lot of hard work from our NPD & Innovation team. For about 6 months, they are tasting and testing the next best ingredients and deciding if they’re good enough for the Kauai menu. After that they put their chefs hats on and start working their magic (It’s actual magic).

For the launch of our winter menu, we are preparing for colder days with new functional ingredients, exciting new flavours, warm dishes, super superfoods to give you that boost and a new addition to our coffee family.

We are serving up Mexican inspired dishes loaded with antioxidants (vitamin K,C & E), healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids) & fibre. Some hearty goodness is just what everyone needs on a chilly day, so be sure to try out our nutrient-packed warm veg stews & flavourful dishes guaranteed to keep you warm & your immune system strong.

We all want that winter glow, so keep an eye out for some new functional shots making its debut this winter. Whether it’s that beautiful glow you’re seeking or to keep your guts going, our shots are calling the shots!

We know it’s not easy getting out of bed in the morning but if you’re coffee fanatics like us, a new addition to our coffee family will sure help you get through the day. No matter what your dietary requirements are, the new products are coming to the party. If not, remember you can customise your meal and make it your own – it’s safe to say that we’ve got you covered this winter. Keep an eye out for our new menu launching in April, it will definitely give you the chills!

Just a disclaimer fam… 

The following products will be coming off the menu as the new winter menu is launched, so get it while it’s still here! Change is good and this way you are always trying something new. 😉

Breakfast: Tropical Yoghurt Pot, Protein Egg Bowl, Pesto Mushroom Bowl, Peanut butter Berry Smoothie bowl,

Salad Bowls: Parmesan Greens

Warm bowls: Mexi Fresh

Wrap: Mexi Fresh Wrap

Smoothies: Tropical Chia Smoothie

Hot drinks: Skinny Hot Chocolate

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


We have implemented the necessary precautions in-store to protect our staff and our customers during the delivery of all Kauai food, read it here. 

We’ve also got a temporary COVID-19 resource portal if you need any additional info.

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