Covid 19 Resource Portal

We’re in this together and we want our Kauai fam (our customers & staff) to stay safe, stay positive & stay healthy & we know that that starts with staying informed. There’s a lot of not-so-great resources out there so we’ve made sure to only serve you information from trusted sources like the South African government and the World Health Organisation. Always make sure your information is coming from a trusted, verified resource.

SA government Emergency Hotline:

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SA government WhatsApp Support Line: 0600-123456
Send a whatsapp tot hat number to have them send you instant updates.

The COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal
Here you can find up to date information on the Covid 19 Corona Virus in South Africa.

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You can find all the latest press releases and notices from the South African government here:

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Here’s a tool-kit with a bunch of resources, guidelines and regulations to follow from the South African government:

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The World Health Organisation is a trusted resource and can be your go-to for any Corona virus related information.

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Available here:

COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal
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