We have partnered with Gesant Abed, Cape Town based photographer/ traveler/ urban explorer, to roam the vibrant streets of the Mother city alongside other enthusiasts to enjoy a day in the sun and capture the very best of what this beautiful city has to offer. “Photowalks are there to allow your creative juices to flow, in a safe environment with like minded people”- GPP, Gesant Abed 

The collaboration was a great fit for both Kauai and G Portrait Project (GPP). We brought some bubbles to the streets of Cape Town with our guilt-free sparkling sodas. Not only were the beautiful streets captured but our beautifully designed and colourful cans were featured too, we don’t know what could make these pictures any better. 

Our sparkling sodas are free from preservatives, sugars and sweeteners. All three variants are flavoured with not-too-sweet, fruity touches balanced with crisp bubbles. Our thirst-quenching sparkling sodas comes in three great flavours, litchi, mango passion and tangerine.

GPP x Kauai Photowalk

Kauai Sparkling Soda

GPP x Kauai Photowalk

GPP x Kauai Photowalk

GPP x Kauai Photowalk

GPP x Kauai Photowalk  Kauai Sparkling Soda GPP x Kauai Photowalk  GPP x Kauai Photowalk  Kauai Sparkling Soda Photowalk 

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