Living a healthy lifestyle does not only include the way we look after ourselves, the food we eat and the amount of kilometres we run but the way we look after our environment too. We try our best to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to sourcing, preparing and serving better choices to you guys. Living a healthy lifestyle that includes looking after the planet too, does not have to feel intimidating or impossible but smart sustainable thinking from us all. 

Here’s what we’re doing (and will keep doing) to care for the planet…

Low Food Waste

By reducing our food wastage in stores we are also reducing our carbon footprint. Discarded food ends up in landfills and through decomposition produces large amounts of powerful greenhouse gasses. Too much greenhouse gasses can contribute to global warming and climate change. We ensure that we keep our food wastage to a minimum and our stores have an average food wastage of less than 1%. 

Trying to do the same? The Pick n Pay powered by Kauai range  is perfectly portioned to prevent any food wastage and to allow for every last bit to be enjoyed. 

Pnp Powered By Kauai Frozen Meal Range

Low Electricity Use

We use induction hobs when prepping your meals.  This is a more energy efficient way of cooking in comparison to traditional gas or electric hobs. The heat is in direct contact with the food which means less electricity needed to prepare meals.


All of our take away packaging including hot drink cups, straws, bowls and cardboard boxes have been designed to be 100% recyclable. Our takeaway smoothie cups are made from 80% recycled plastics. It’s your turn to contribute to a healthier planet, dispose of your take away packaging responsibly into recycling bins. 

We understand that it can get difficult trying to reduce your plastic consumption but we have made it a lot easier for you, the Kauai reusable smoothie and coffee cup helps you to reduce your plastic use and get R1 off* your smoothie or coffee. We know that straws play a major role in plastic waste, at Kauai we only make use of biodegradable and paper straws in our stores and we don’t serve our drinks with a straw. If you prefer using one, you can find one at the counter along with the coffee and smoothie cup lids.  

Sustainable Packaging Kauai Smoothie cups

Responsible Sourcing

We go the extra mile so our ingredients won’t have to. You can’t go wrong with farmers who do the right thing, so we pick our partners for sustainability, source ethically and go to great lengths to support local producers. The food, the whole whole food and nothing but the food. All our fruit and veg is delivered whole, so every meal we make gets a farm-fresh start. Even our dressings are made from scratch. 

Healthy Bodies needs a healthy planet - Vegetables

Get back to the basics of bread. Sustainably farmed, stone-milled and made the traditional way using locally sourced grains and wheat, there’s love baked in to every hand-shaped loaf of SCHOON bread. Slow fermented to be gut friendly and delicious, this is bread with benefits. Taste the upper crust of craftsmanship at your nearest Kauai today. Learn more here.

Schoon Sourdough Bread

Free-Range Eggs & Chicken

All our chicken and eggs are free-range. Free-range means that the chickens roam freely without any constraints and are fed an organic, all-vegetarian diet that’s free of antibiotics and pesticides. The chickens are able to go outside whenever they want throughout their layering cycle. These farms must provide facilities where the chickens are able to live as naturally as possible, where they have access to scratching areas, perches, litter and nests, ultimately having a better quality of life. Happy chickens – better eggs!

Kauai Free Range Eggs

Plant-based Menu Items 

We start off every menu item with plant based ingredients! Consuming more plant-based meals helps in preserving nature and diversity of species. Plant-based foods can reduce the impacts of climate change as the farming of vegetables and healthy grains does not produce as much greenhouse gasses. Our Plant Power Wrap  or Salad is vegan and packed with lots of nutrients and not only if fueling your body but helping the planet too. Our Nature’s protein Smoothie is a winner for almost anyone, with its vibrant colour and protein packed contents, it’s a must try!

Plant Power Wrap

Coffee With A Conscience 

We’ve gone through a lot of cups of coffee finding the cleanest beans, sourced to be farmer-friendly and guaranteed organic. 100% Arabica. 0% additives.

Kauai Organic Coffee Beans & Coffee Selection

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