How to become bomb at working from home!

Working from home getting to you? Don’t worry, we’re all feeling it. Working from home can be the best way to be super productive & get the most done if you work smart. We figured that if we were to work more effectively & efficiently we just need to strike that perfect balance of work & life at home.

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Tips for the #workingfromhome club:

  1. Get organised & assign a dedicated work space

Working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own little work space if possible. Try your best to create a well-lit, organised & quiet space for you to work during office hours. Try your best not to work on a couch or bed, try to separate your work and chill areas if you can.

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  1. Take your meeting outside 

If you do not need your laptop & desk why not take a walk in the garden (if you have one) or sit on the balcony while on the call. Whether you have earphones in or a Bluetooth headset, change your scenery a bit to keep your mind stimulated & awake.

  1. Meal & snack prep as per usual 

It is important to plan your meals & snacks as you normally would when you are at the office. It saves time & ensures that you are staying on track with your healthy eating and goals. Make sure the food & snacks you are eating are healthy & contain the right nutrients.

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  1. Use your commuting time to do something you usually wouldn’t have time for or exercise

We all know that commuting can take a large chunk of our time, so use this time to either  do something for you or get some good exercise in. Create a daily ritual or routine in the mornings & afternoons to allow yourself to get ready for the day ahead & detach yourself from work at the end. This is a great way to separate work & home life on a daily basis.

We’ve got some home workouts from the Kauai Fam themselves for you to try out. Click here for some fitness inspo!

  1. Remember to take your breaks

Working from home can sometimes make us forget to take the necessary breaks we need. So set a reminder or specific time out of the day to take your break – regain your energy with food or snacks, step away from your laptop, interact with those in your house & get a breath of fresh air. Try to spend your break somewhere else in your home and not at your work space.

  1. Plan your days wisely

Write out a list of daily or weekly goals that you need to achieve & tick them off as you complete a task. Plan out your workload & jot down deadlines to make sure you are aware of them. It’s important to know that these goals/tasks can change & that’s okay. Try to relook at what needs to be done and get back in focus.

  1. Stay connected with your colleagues 

If you work with a team, try your best to check in regularly with them like you normally would at the office. See if they are coping & provide assistance and support where you can. Keep your supervisor updated with your daily/weekly agenda, it will help in planning & them giving assistance where they can. It is a good idea to set up regular check-ins via phone, or video conferencing to make sure you’re getting to everything but also just as a reminder that WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

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Working from home Meme about coworkers on video meetings

We all know that working from home can have its challenges but if you work smartly & use some of the tips above -you’ll be a master at it very soon!

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