How to increase your vegetable & fruit intake

Winter is here & it’s time to increase that vegetable & fruit intake more than ever to ensure that your immune system is strong & healthy to fight off any infections. We know that some people may find it a little more challenging to get the right amount of veggies in, whether it’s kids, adults or the elderly- age doesn’t matter. It is important to make sure you get in the right amount of mother nature’s medicine (vegetables & fruits) so that your body can function at its optimal levels!

Bountiful vegetable & ingredient image - Vegetable intake

#FreshTip – Remember to store your vegetables correctly to ensure that you reap the full benefits of it when consuming & to ensure that it stays fresher for longer!

Here’s how you can increase your veggie intake on a regular basis:

  1. Top favourite – Add vegetables to your smoothies or juices

This is a great way to get all those nutrients you need in a delicious morning smoothie or post-workout snack, the options are endless. Trusty old Kale, a great superfood that is dense in nutrients is a great addition to any smoothie. Other great options are spinach, carrot, celery, beetroot, cucumber and so the list never ends.

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We’ve made this simple for you – the Pick n Pay powered by Kauai Frozen smoothie range has all the goodness & nutrients packed into a box. Add some extra Kale or beetroot here or there & some liquid and you’re good to go!

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Pick n Pay Powered by Kauai Frozen Smoothie range

  1. Add some more vegetables & fruit to your salads

Spruce up your salad & become the master of all salads by including those vegetables that you normally wouldn’t think of adding. Whether it’s some julienne carrots to add that texture & colour or some roasted beetroot for that extra nutrient kick. Or bulk up your salad with shredded cabbage, kale, spinach or some finely chopped peppers to create a masterpiece & your body will thank you for it!

Purple cabbage- Vegetable intake

  1. Snack smart

Snack o’clock can be the best time to ensure you meet those daily vegetable intake if you haven’t gotten enough in already. Carrots, celery & hummus is a popular snack meal that many people seem to enjoy. Or why not snack on some sweet potato or kale crisps, there’s many great ways to incorporate veggies in your snacks. It’s always a great idea to leave a fruit bowl out or the fridge so you are able to grab some fruit on-the-go!

Roasted & seasoned sweet potato wedges in oven tray Vegetable intake

  1. Make vegetable based soups/ stews

Soups is a great way to get all those veggies in with just one bowl & to give you that warm hearty goodness on the colder days. Now is the time to go crazy and add all the veggies you’d like from broccoli, kale, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, cauliflower, butternut and so the list goes on – the world is your oyster when it comes to soups!

Pick n pay powered by Kauai Hearty Veggie Bowl Stew packaging & contents

The Pick n Pay powered by Kauai range has a Hearty Veggie stew for you to get in all that healthy goodness. Remember to keep an eye out for our new winter menu coming soon! We are bringing the healthy hearty goodness very soon!

  1. Try out of some new veggie dishes at home

Test your cooking skills and remember to include the family, it will be a fun activity for all. Get cooking with some zucchini lasagne, veggie noodle based stir-fry or warm pasta dishes, Cauliflower pizza bases or rice, veggie omelettes, lettuce wrap or veggie bun, veggie kebabs or stuffed peppers.


Remember that vegetables doesn’t only have to be boiled, it can be oven baked with some delicious seasoning & herbs or stir-fried for same Asian inspired meals or even steamed with some garlic & spices to bring out that beautiful colour – vegetables are so versatile that you can experiment all day in the kitchen to create nutrient packed delicious meals.

Roasted Carrots in oven tray Vegetable intake


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