You might not be, but our menu is definitely crossing borders. Who’s up for a trip to Mexico? We bring the heat, the salsa & the fire with our new and old Mexican inspired dishes.

Say hello to the NEW Spicy Avo Greens, it’s all we ever wanted + a little extra avo! We started winter off strong with this warm bowl serving you the flavour fiesta. It comes with double avo, steamed broccoli, salsa, jalapeno, brown rice & quinoa, baby spinach, rocket, spring onion and coriander lime dressing. Did we mention that it’s vegan too? So all you plant-based eaters can get in on the heat as well. Super nutrient packed, superfoods(broccoli, spinach & avocado), salsa & some spiciness – we’ve got this one in the bag!

Kauai Mexican Dishes_ Spicy Avo Greens

An all-time favourite & another Mexican inspired OG dish on the Kauai menu, the Salsa Quesadilla. We searched & searched for the right simple kind of ingredients that doesn’t need much but its very own flavours to give you the ultimate Mexican-inspired quesadilla. What makes it so fiery & tasty? Just the right amount of white cheddar, red pepper, salsa, jalapeno, spring onion, coriander. We recommend adding some chicken & avo for some extra goodness! The jalapeno that gives its flavour punch is also rich in vitamin C and has a compound called capsaicin which can help regulate inflammatory processes.

Kauai Mexican dishes _ Salsa Quesadilla

It would only make sense to then introduce the “el-hermano” (brother) of our well-loved Salsa Quesadilla, the NEW Steak & Avo Quesadilla. We have upped our quesadilla game with a fiery flavour packed addition to our new winter menu. We wanted to give our Salsa Quesadilla lovers an exciting new version of itself.

Kauai Mexican Dishes_Steak & Avo Quesadilla

Free range chicken, salsa, jalapeno & chipotle chili, red pepper, cream cheese, rocket, carrot and coriander – wrapped up and you get the Spicy Burrito. We think it’s a Burrito-ful combination of flavours & nutrient packed ingredients.

Kauai Mexican Dishes _ Spicy Burrito

Sorry if we got a little carried away with our flavour fiesta but who’s complaining? Fresh, flavour packed, fiery & full of nutrients is why these are winter favourites.


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Kauai COVID 19 Safety procedures Kauai COVID 19 Safety procedures

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