Our family

Freshness runs in the family.

At Kauai, we’re all about keeping it real. We stay true to our family values – fresh ingredients, fresh ideas, a refreshing customer experience and nothing but nutrition, naturally.

New Product Team
Dean - CEO
Yumna - Marketing manager

Favourite thing on the menu: Tropical Chia Pot

Glenda - Head of Strategic and Special Projects

Favourite thing on the menu: Citrus Glo Smoothie

Trevor - Operations and Brand Standards Auditor

Favourite thing on the menu: The Parmesan Greens

Musa - Store Manager
Ruan - Senior Accountant

Favourite thing on the menu:  Butta Chicken


To be the leader in the healthy food revolution.

To serve every customer delicious, healthy real food – quickly – with an exceptional customer experience.


These 5 values are the foundation for our culture and our business. They keep us together, and help us make decisions:


We believe in family values. We treat each other with care, respect and loyalty, and work together as a team.


We make things happen - quickly. We have a positive, infectious energy amd passion for serving our customers.


We keep it real - we’re honest people, serving good, clean food, that’s ethically sourced and free from artificial stuff.


We do fresh ingredients - always. And when we say fresh, we also mean our ideas and finding new, better ways of doings things.


There’s cool, and then there’s Kauai Kool - it’s about bringing the Koolest parts of our personalities to work, keeping it 100% real.

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