Kauai in Schools

Our school menu features a variety of wraps, sandwiches and snacks taken from the KAUAI menu and adapted for schools. Hot meals and smoothies packed with fruit and other vital nutrients are available daily. Serving sizes have been reduced to cater to the appetites of children and make products affordable to learners.

Honest Ingredients

We use responsibly sourced, natural ingredients, because little bodies are better without artificial flavourants, colourants and preservatives.

Free Range Chicken

We use free range chicken that is free from routine antibiotics, animal by products and growth promoters.

Kids’ Portions

We care about offering balanced portion sizes to give kids the nutrients they need to grow and develop.


We avoid added sugars in our food and smoothies, to help you make healthier food choices.

Find Kauai stores in the following schools:

Reddam Tokai

Reddam Green Point

Reddam Chester House

Reddam Clara Anna Fontein

Reddam Waterfall

Reddam Bedfordview


Available here:

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