Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body & it is there to serve as a major building block for your bones, skin, muscles, tendons & ligaments. Collagen acts like a “glue”for the body & holds everything together. As you age (yes it isn’t our favourite thing either) the collagen in our bodies decreases which could lead to less firm & supple skin, wrinkles (another one of our favourites)less flexible ligaments, weakening muscles, joint pain & it may thin the lining of your digestive tract. 



One of the key nutrients your body needs to produce collagen is Vitamin C. Not only will this help with collagen production but as most of you know it helps to strengthen your immune system too. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, bell peppers, strawberries, kale, broccoli, spinach & other dark green leafy veggies as well as our Vitamin See smoothie ; ). Other vitamins & nutrients like iron, proline, glycine, threonine, and zinc are also important in the collagen production process. 


  • Improve skin health & elasticity through strengthening it & providing hydration to the skin
  • Assists in relieving joint pain by reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen synthesis in the body. 
  • Could prevent bone loss
  • Help in increasing the strength of hair & nails 
  • Assist with improving gut health 
  • Collagen could help in increasing muscle mass & increase muscle recovery time 
  • May promote heart health 

Kauai Pure Collagen 
Our collagen powder is naturally free from soy, gluten, preservatives, flavourants, colourants & dairy. It is there to support, skin, nail, joint & digestive health. The Kauai Pure Collagen is available on Kauai Real Food Market on selected stores on Uber Eats & Mr D Food. Find our KRFM store list here. 

Kauai Pure Collagen

Boost any smoothie  order with collagen (+R10) to get your glo on with your favourite smoothie.

Citrus Glo Superfood Smoothie
Orange juice, mango, frozen yoghurt, chia seeds, collagen, citrus-spiced honey

Kauai Citrus Glo Superfood Smoothie

Ginger Snap Superfood Smoothie 
Pineapple, mango, dragon fruit, ginger, pressed apple juice, cinnamon, collagen

Kauai Ginger Snap Superfood Smoothie

Collagen Glo Shot 
Collagen, cucumber juice, pressed apple juice

Kauai Collagen Glo shot

Collagen Digestive Shot
Collagen, raw apple cider vinegar, pressed apple juice

Kauai Collagen Digestive Shot

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