You won’t find a lot (or any) refined sugar in a Kauai kitchen. We all love a treat but we’re not big fans of sugar at Kauai. That’s why we turn to natural sugar substitutes to sweeten our smoothies, some breakfast items and our snacks.


The sugar we all know is made from the sugar cane plant and it’s what you find in most processed foods, drinks, baked goods & other foods and it’s not great for your health. Refined white sugar is processed to make it taste better & it’s stripped of all colour that strips it of all its natural nutrients that could add some (if any really) benefit to your diet. Eating too much refined white sugar has been shown to lead to health issues.

Let's not sugar coat it, sweetness - Natural sugar

Here’s how we add sweetness with no sucrose and a little bit less (but more nutrient dense) calories!

Natural sugars contain things like iron, potassium, good bacteria, fibre and magnesium and sweetness of course. Natural sugars like honey, dates,  & bananas are the perfect alternatives to refined white sugars and you can find them in our smoothies and some breakfasts and of course our snack items.

Honey (thick, golden liquid produced by honey bees)

  • Contains vitamins & minerals
  • Loaded with beneficial antioxidants (phenolic acid & flavonoids) which can help with preventing diabetes, inflammation, heart disease & cancer.
  • Contains good bacteria

Sugar Substitutes - Honey

To reap the benefits of one of mother nature’s wonders responsibly, ensure that you are buying local, real, raw honey that is sustainably sourced. The Kauai honey is sustainably sourced, 100% South African & 100& Honey, no nasty stuff.

Dates (brown & chewy fruit of date palm )

  • Loaded with minerals
  • High amount of potassium that assists to balance electrolytes
  • High in fibre
  • High in antioxidants that can help with fighting disease
  • Boost immunity

Sugar Substitutes - Dates


  • One of the best sources of vitamin B6
  • High in potassium & manganese which is good for skin, heart health & blood pressure
  • Great source of energy
  • Contains fibre that can assist in balancing sugar & stimulating digestive system

Sugar substitutes - Banana

Sugar & sugar substitutes all need to be eaten in moderation & used sparingly. Mother nature has gifted us with so many natural sweet fruit & veg that are nutrient dense and delicious.

As much as these natural sweeteners / sugar alternatives are lower in calories than refined white sugar, it is still important to consume it in moderation & remember that it is still a form of sugar.


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