Kauai RED VIP & Vodacom Rewards Campaign


Terms and Conditions

  • The Kauai rewards voucher of R100 is a new reward offered to only Vodacom RED VIP customers and has been launched in August 2021.
  • In order to qualify for the R100 Kauai rewards voucher, the Vodacom customer will be required to be a RED VIP contract customer.
  • The validity of the R100 rewards voucher is valid for 30 days.
  • A R100 RED VIP rewards voucher needs to be redeemed inside a Kauai store before the voucher expiry date, to ensure that a customer does not miss out on the reward.
  • The rewards voucher expiry date is specified on each R100 RED VIP rewards voucher; should a customer not redeem their R100 Kauai rewards voucher before the expiry date – the rewards voucher will be lost.
  • The R100 Kauai rewards voucher, will be issued directly to the customer, via SMS.
  • A Vodacom customer should be able to present a Kauai staff member with a valid wiCode in order to redeem the R100 RED VIP voucher instore.
  • Only valid wiCode numbers, as issued through the Vodacom Rewards Programme will be accepted.
  • For every R100 Kauai rewards voucher issued through the Vodacom Rewards Programme, a wiCode number will be included with that offer that should be used to redeem the offer in a Kauai store.
  • In order for the R100 Kauai rewards voucher to work, the customer should ensure that the correct wiCode number is presented in order to deduct an amount of R100 off the final basket.
  • The R100 RED VIP rewards voucher can be redeemed in full per transaction or it can be redeemed for a lesser amount.
  • However, if the customer does not use the full R100 value per transaction – the customer will not be eligible to receive the difference in of the rewards voucher in cash.
  • If the full voucher amount of R100 is not redeemed per transaction, the customer will forfeit the remainder of the R100 RED VIP voucher and therefore cannot redeem the remaining amount on another transaction at a later stage/another transaction.
  • Any menu items or add ons that exceeds the value of the R100 RED VIP rewards voucher, will be charged for normal menu price.
  • Kauai rewards vouchers are not redeemable for cash and no change will be given.
  • Vodacom and Kauai cannot be held liable for the non-redemption of any rewards vouchers due to a customer missing the ‘’cut off’’ date or to a Kauai instore POS system being down caused by loadshedding and/or internet connectivity beyond the store’s control.
  • If a Kauai reward voucher has been redeemed within a Kauai store and a Vodacom customer wishes to cancel their order after the Kauai rewards voucher number has been applied/gone through on the instore POS system, the rewards voucher will be lost and no longer be available to redeem again. The customer would then forfeit the Kauai rewards voucher and no refund would be given.

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