• Kauai rewards vouchers has recently been added to the Vodacom Loyalty rewards programme in July 2020.
  • All Vodacom clients (prepaid and contract) can now register to earn VodaBucks, which they can use to buy an expanded range of products.
  • Vodacom customers can access the following rewards options in the VodaBucks store, on the Vodacom mobile app or through the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) service offered by Vodacom.
  • Customers can access the USSD service by dialling *133# with their phone to view the different transactional options.
  • For every R10 spent with Vodacom, clients will get one VodaBuck.
  • Each VodaBuck earned provides Vodacom customers with a different rewards option in the VodaBucks store, on the Vodacom mobile app.
  • For more info, visit: https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/vodacom-rewards-programme

The following rewards options can be selected in the Vodabucks store/USSD to earn a Kauai rewards voucher:

  • Daily Shake Up
  • MegaShake
  • VodaBucks store



Daily Shake Up

  • When a customer uses their 2 x FREE Daily Shake Ups in the VodaBucks store, they stand the chance to earn any of the following Kauai rewards vouchers:

**Any add ons or substitutions to the above-mentioned menu items are charged for additionally


**Any add ons or substitutions to the above-mentioned menu items are charged for additionally


VodaBucks store

  • Customers can earn VodaBucks for buying airtime, data, transacting in the Vodacom Loyalty App etc.
  • Customers can decide to use or bank/accumulate their VodaBucks to be able to buy rewards vouchers.

The following Kauai rewards vouchers can be purchased in the VodaBucks store:




Customers that have downloaded the Vodacom App to transact in the VodaBucks app to earn Kauai rewards vouchers.

  • A customer can do a Daily Shake/MegaShake /purchase a Kauai voucher from the VodaBucks store in the Vodacom app.
  • To redeem the voucher, a customer will:
    • Receive a SMS with a digital wiCode that needs to be manually insert into POS in order for the voucher to redeem.


  • Select ‘’Rewards History’’ in the VodaBucks store, then select ‘’Show vouchers only’’ and the valid Kauai voucher will be available to select. Once the customer has selected the voucher, it will open up a wiCode that can be scanned at the till to redeem the voucher.



Customers that do not have the Vodacom App, but still want to transact and earn Kauai rewards with the VodaBucks store.

  • A customer can make use the USSD functionality offered by Vodacom to do a Daily Shake/MegaShake/purchase a Kauai voucher from the VodaBucks store.
  • Customers can do this by dialling *133# on their phone to view the different in-app menu options (only available if they have a valid Vodacom cell number).
  • This is not available with any other cell phone networks in South Africa.
  • To redeem the voucher, the customer will:
    • Receive a SMS with a digital wiCode that needs to be manually insert into POS in order for the voucher to redeem.



  • The campaign is live and customers are able to earn and redeem their Kauai rewards vouchers issued from the VodaBucks in-app store or through the USSD.
  • This rewards programme is only available to Vodacom customers with a valid Vodacom cellphone number in South Africa.
  • Kauai rewards vouchers can only be redeemed inside a participating Kauai stores as well as participating Kauai stores located inside a Virgin Active gym.
  • For Kauai stores located within a Virgin Active, a customer needs to be a Virgin Active Health Club member to gain access to that store located inside a Virgin Active gym.
  • The Kauai rewards vouchers issued can only be redeemed in a Kauai store if the applicable menu item (as shown on the voucher) is available at the Kauai store that the customer is trying to redeem the voucher at.
  • The Kauai menu offering might differ from store to store, depending on the store menu format and layout.
  • Vodacom rewards cannot be redeemed at the Kauai Food truck, Kauai Reddam Schools, Kauai Namibia, Kauai Botswana, Kauai Netherlands, Kauai Thailand or Kauai Edinburgh stores.
  • Some Kauai stores might still be closed for the general public under the strict COVID-19 regulations as set out by the South African government. Once these stores have been allowed to open, customers will be able to redeem their Kauai rewards vouchers in these stores.
  • Kauai Vodacom rewards vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with the Kauai App or any other instore promotion, discount, voucher or delivery service like Uber Eats or Mr D Food.
  • Should a customer want to use their Vodacom rewards voucher and also scan their Kauai app to earn loyalty points, the customer can only scan their Kauai app to earn loyalty points after the Vodacom rewards voucher has been redeemed on that specific transaction.
  • Each Kauai rewards voucher issued (in-app or SMS), will indicate the relevant menu item, voucher expiry date and a valid wiCode.
  • Customers cannot redeem any other menu item, other than what is stated on the Kauai rewards voucher.
    • For example, a customer cannot wish to redeem a short Americano/Cappuccino when the Kauai voucher issued to them through the Vodacom Rewards Programme states that they have received a 250ml Strawberry Stinger/Peanut Butter Bliss.
  • Any add ons or substitutions to a rewards voucher menu item, will be charged for additionally at normal menu price.
  • A Kauai rewards voucher needs to be redeemed before the voucher expiry date to ensure that a customer does not miss out on the reward.
  • Should a customer not redeem their Kauai rewards voucher before the expiry date – the Kauai rewards voucher will be lost.
  • Kauai cannot be held liable for the non-redemption of any rewards voucher due to a customer missing the expiry date as indicated on the reward voucher or to a Kauai instore POS system being down due to loadshedding or any other internet connectivity issues.
  • Only valid wiCode, as issued through the VodaBucks store will be accepted. No other vouchers numbers will form part of this rewards programme.
  • In order for a Kauai rewards voucher to work, the relevant menu item (as per the issued rewards voucher) should be part of a customer’s order to ensure that the wiCode deducts/discounts this menu item from the final basket amount.
  • Once a rewards voucher has been redeemed, it cannot be used again and it will disappear from the VodaBucks store in the Vodacom mobile app after 24 hours.
  • If a Kauai reward voucher has been redeemed within a Kauai store and a customer wishes to cancel their order after the Kauai rewards voucher number has been applied/gone through the instore POS system, the rewards voucher will be lost and no longer be available to redeem again. The customer would then forfeit the Kauai rewards voucher and no refund would be given.
  • Kauai rewards vouchers are not redeemable for cash and no change will be given.
  • The Kauai rewards vouchers with a ‘’rand value’’ can be used to purchase any menu item purchase inside a Kauai store.
  • The total Kauai rewards ‘’rand value’’ voucher will be used as a discount when redeemed in a Kauai store; this voucher can only be used once-off.
  • When redeeming a Kauai discount reward voucher, the full voucher amount will be deducted from the final transaction value and no change will be provided if the full amount of the discount was not used on one transaction.
  • If the total transaction is more than the value of the Kauai discount voucher, the difference would need to be paid in by the customer.
  • Kauai and Virgin Active staff cannot redeem Vodacom rewards vouchers in conjunction with their allocated staff discounts.
  • Kauai menu imagery included in Vodacom rewards vouchers to be used for visual representation, actual product redeemed in store might differ.
  • Kauai menu items are subject to change based on seasonal menu updates.
  • Please visit https://www.kauai.co.za/store-locator or download the Kauai app to locate your nearest Kauai store.

Kauai (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to amend the above-mentioned promotional terms and conditions in all Kauai stores.

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