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Discovery Miles Terms & Conditions

What are Discovery Miles?

Discovery Miles is an e-currency you earn for all qualifying transactions on your Discovery Card if you have activated the benefit.

Only Discovery Card holders can earn Discovery Miles

You must have a Discovery Card to earn Discovery Miles. As a Discovery Card holder, you do not automatically get Discovery Miles. You must activate the benefit and then pay the yearly linkage fee of R420.

Customers can earn Discovery Miles in participating Kauai stores.  Discovery Miles cannot be earned at the Kauai Freshtruck, Discovery Kiosk, Kauai Reddam Schools, Kauai Namibia, Kauai Botswana, Kauai Netherlands or Kauai Thailand.

Paying for Discovery Miles Only

You pay one yearly linkage fee for the Discovery Miles benefit for each Discovery Card account you hold, regardless of how many secondary cardholders there are on the account. We deduct the yearly fee from your Discovery Card account on the same date each year. You have to pay the yearly fee to earn Discovery Miles.

Earning Discovery Miles

You earn Discovery Miles for purchases made using your Discovery Card, locally, internationally and online with the exceptions listed under “Transactions that do not qualify for Discovery Miles”.

Discovery Miles earning rates

The rate at which you earn Discovery Miles depends on the option you choose:

Discovery Card holders with Discovery Miles If you’re on the Discovery Miles option, you can earn Discovery Miles at a rate of one Mile for every R15 spent.

The Discovery Miles Multiplier Network

With the Miles Multiplier benefit, you can multiply your Discovery Miles by up to 10 times if you shop at Multiplier partner stores and pay using your Discovery Card. Your Miles Multiplier, for both the Discovery Miles and Discovery Fast Miles benefit options, is based on your Vitality status. You can multiply your Discovery Miles at Kauai.

Note: The Miles Multiplier benefit applies to the partner stores in South Africa only.

Your multiplier is based on your Vitality status as follows:

Vitality status Miles Multiplier

Vitality status                    Miles Multiplier

Diamond                              X 10

Gold                                      X 5

Silver                                     X 3

Bronze                                  X 2

Blue                                       X 1

Monthly Miles earning limits apply, based on your Discovery Card type.

Card type                                            Miles limits a month

Blue and Gold                                    5 000

Platinum                                              10 000

Any card with Fast Miles               15 000

Note: You will earn Multiplier Miles at a standard rate of one Mile for every R15 spent on both the Discovery Miles and Fast Miles options. The Multiplier Miles qualifying spend is calculated using a cap of 20% of your total qualifying spend. This cap is applied at each Miles Multiplier partner. The Multiplier Miles also contribute to the Miles cap determined by your card type.

If you get cash back on your Discovery Card

If you earn cash back on your Discovery Card spend in a certain billing cycle, this will affect how you earn Discovery Miles. We will deduct your cash back from your qualifying spend in that billing cycle and calculate your Discovery Miles based on the remaining qualifying spend.

Fast Miles

Fast Miles lets you increase your earning rate to one Mile for every R8 spent on your Discovery Card.

Except for the points given in this section, all the rules in this document also apply to Fast Miles.

Note: The Fast Miles benefit has been discontinued as of 31 October 2017. Discovery Cardholders will no longer be able to activate this option. Fast miles cardholders will continue to earn at the Fast Miles rate until their next Discovery Miles renewal date.

Transactions that do not qualify for Discovery Miles

You do not earn Miles for the following transactions using the Discovery Card:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Traveller’s cheque purchases
  • Electronic fund transfers
  • Budget facility transfers
  • Gambling transactions
  • Yearly Discovery Card fees and Discovery Miles linkage fees
  • Debit orders
  • Fuel or fuel-related transactions on the Discovery Motor Card

Note: If you use your Discovery Card to pay for your fuel, your transactions will go through as a normal credit card transaction and add up as a qualifying spend. If you’ve activated the Discovery Miles benefit, you will also get Discovery Miles for the purchase.

Discovery Mall

Discovery Mall allows you to shop for popular products at leading e-tailers through an online portal. You can choose to pay with Discovery Miles or with your Discovery Card. Discovery Miles can be used as full or part payment for products from e-tailers.

Discovery is not responsible for the product delivery or any other related queries to the product purchased. The e-tailer stays responsible for this. However, Discovery will be responsible for the administration of the Discovery Miles earned and redeemed. A minimum Miles redemption is applicable on purchases. This varies between different e-tailers and you can find the details in the Discovery Card partners’ terms and conditions, which is available on www.discovery.co.za.

In store spend

You can use your Discovery Miles to make real time purchases in store at select partner stores through the Discovery App. You can use your Miles to shop in store at Kauai.


Purchases made with Discovery Miles in store that are returned will not be refunded in Miles but will instead be given in-store credits or vouchers. Discovery Card will not refund you for any data cost that you incur.

Expiry of Discovery Miles

Discovery Miles expire after five years from the date that you earned them. If you don’t use your Discovery Miles before they expire, you will lose them.

Kauai (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to amend the above-mentioned promotional terms and conditions in all Kauai stores.  All information was correct at the time of publish on www.Kauai.co.za


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