We go the extra mile so our ingredients won’t have to.

You can’t go wrong with farmers who do the right thing, so we pick our partners for sustainability, source ethically and go to great lengths to support local producers.

Coffee with a conscience

We’ve gone through a lot of cups of coffee finding the cleanest beans, sourced to be farmer-friendly and guaranteed organic. 100% Arabica. 0% additives.

Get back to the basics of bread

Sustainably farmed, stone-milled and made the traditional way using locally sourced grains and wheat, there’s love baked in to every hand-shaped loaf of SCHOON bread.

Slow fermented to be gut friendly and delicious, this is bread with benefits. Taste the upper crust of craftsmanship at your
nearest Kauai today.


Learn more here.

The food, the whole food and nothing but the food

All our fruit and veg is delivered whole, so every meal we make gets a farm-fresh start. Even our dressings are made from scratch.

Anything else is for the birds

Kauai stores serve chicken and eggs that are farmed free range and feather-friendly. No fishy feeds, antibiotics or cooped-up coops – only the best conditions for our chickens.

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