For all you coffee connoisseurs out there, this one’s for you. We have introduced our new brew, the Cortado. We are upping our coffee game & we’re ready to give you coffee experts the perfectly balanced Cortado!

Cortado in glass with spoon

Cortado (definition – “cut”) refers to the milk cutting through the intensity of the espresso by toning down its acidity while retaining the coffee’s flavour. We used the perfectly balanced ratio of 1 part espresso & 1 part milk of your choice to create your aroma filled cup of organic coffee goodness.

PS. You can now have your hot drinks with Rude Health Oat Milk.

Cortado Illustration

We’re taking all the necessary steps to make sure we keep our customers and staff healthy. You can read our COVID-19 policy  that we practice throughout the business here & a message from our CEO here.

We have implemented the necessary precautions in-store to protect our staff and our customers during the delivery of all Kauai food, read it here. 

We’ve also got a temporary COVID-19 resource portal if you need any additional info.

Stay safe, stay positive & stay healthy!


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