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Taste the season, this winter with fresh ingredients & fresh thinking . 

If there’s a fresh idea about wellness, it’s on our menu, on our app and now on the shelves wherever good food is sold (click here for our stockists). Whatever you order (for delivery for now) at Kauai, all our menu items are made from scratch, using honest, innovative ingredients. 

We are all about making sure that you keep your immune system strong and making it easy. The NEW Collagen Glo Shot is not only there to give you that winter glo but also nourish your digestive system. We’ve gut you with our Collagen Digestive Shot with a holy grail gut health ingredient – apple cider vinegar! Berry your spoon in the Warm Berry Yoghurt Pot & be sure to up your gut health with good bacteria from the yoghurt & antioxidants from the berries & fibre from our gluten-free nut crumble. 

Collagen & CBD Shots

Collagen Glo Shot, CBD Soother Shot & Floo shot

Warm Berry Yoghurt Pot | Winter Menu

Warm Berry Yoghurt Pot

If you think we are stopping there then you’re mistaken – we’ve given you the tips and now we are giving you the bowls! Get that nutrient packed veggies in with our warm, hearty & fresh NEW Veg Butta Curry bowl or flavour-forward Spicy Avo Greens. There’s no way you ditching veggies & a strong immune system this season.

Veg Butta Curry Bowl close up

Veg Butta Curry Bowl

Spicy Avo Greens close up

Spicy Avo  Greens

You’ve seen us talk about super superfoods and now we are serving you more this winter! The Superfood Scramble is packed with nutrients (A,C, E, K), antioxidants & goodness. With a power trio of hemp seeds, broccoli and spinach your body is sure to get the superness it needs. Another newish superfood on the block & on our menu, CBD fam! We are giving you a burst of flavour & chills with our Tropical CBD Smoothie & CBD Soother Shot. What more could you ask for?

Superfood Scramble Closeup | Winter Menu

Superfood Scramble

Tropical CBD Smoothie with CBd powder & Strawberries

Tropical CBD

We didn’t forget you our coffee connoisseurs, we have brought in a new member to our coffee family, the Cortado! Your mornings will now be filled with the incredible aromas of our organic coffee beans. Whatever your dietary preferences, we’ve got the perfectly balanced Cortado for you. We now offer you another milk alternative, Rude Health Oat Milk, oh yes fam, we said it, Rude Health Oat Milk!

Cortado in glass cup with spoon | Winter Menu

Remember that even in the cold winter months, Mother Nature offers a rainbow of foods that make seasonal eating effortless and joyful. Our winter menu promises a ton of ingredients to nourish your body—the most delicious way possible. With flavour-forward dishes & functional ingredients we are bringing the heat this winter!

We’re taking all the necessary steps to make sure we keep our customers and staff healthy. You can read our COVID-19 policy  that we practice throughout the business here & a message from our CEO here.

We have implemented the necessary precautions in-store to protect our staff and our customers during the delivery of all Kauai food, read it here. 

We’ve also got a temporary COVID-19 resource portal if you need any additional info.

Stay safe, stay positive & stay healthy!


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