Summer has Sprung! And with it, we introduce our New Kauai Summer menu.

If summer was a salad, then it would be on the new Kauai summer menu. Not only is our salad game strong this summer, every new wrap, bowl, pot & smoothie you’ll meet at Kauai this summer was picked, planned, and perfected from the ground up! Most importantly, all ingredients are seasonal, sustainable, locally sourced and as healthy for the planet as it is for you.


The Kauai summer is here, and with it comes a rainbow of salads and flavours like never before!


Our new Trout Rainbow Salad Bowl is the thing dreams are made of with its colourful mix of smoked trout, coconut shavings, cream cheese dressing and more! Perfect for that lunch date with friends while enjoying our New Blueberry Cooler Raw Juice.


Our unique salad range is equal parts picture-worthy and protein-packed, whether you like it plant-based or you opt for steak. The Avo Falafel Salad bowl and Avo Steak Salad bowl is all you avo wanted and you can pair it with our MANGO Lassi for that perfect pairing.


If you prefer something slightly spicy, the Spicy Chicken Caesar packs a flavoured punch combined with parmesan and free-range chicken. Think early dinner with family or friends and on your way out, grab yourself one of our New Cold Coffees to keep you energised.




A healthy yoghurt smoothie with refreshing fruity flavours. Probiotic packed yoghurt and immune-boosting ginger is perfectly complimented with fresh mangos.

Blueberry Cooler

The refreshing Blueberry Cooler raw juice is what this season is all about! Blueberries and fresh veggies combined to make a thirst quenching & hydrating summer drink.

New Cold Coffees

Caffeine – on ice please! Get your organic coffee fix all summer long with our new Iced American and Iced Cappuccino.

No Bull Burger

The No Bull Burger has a bestie! Our OG vegan burger just got better, we’ve added another burger to our plant-based No Bull burger – this one has avo, red onion pickle & rocket.


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