We’re always on a nutrition mission.

From day one we’ve been finding new ways to bring more people more choices for easier health and wellness. 23 years later, and with 150 stores in South Africa (and three across Namibia and Botswana) we thought it might be time to take the Kauai goodness way out of town.

So, packed with a plucky plan to plant Kauai freshness wherever good food fans needed it most, we went looking for the best partners in the best places. The bad news? We all need new passports and those queues are the worst. The good news: we’ve picked up a bit of Thai and Dutch…

Say Sawadee!

We love Thailand for so many reasons, so bringing Kauai to Bangkok was a no-brainer.

All of our Thailand stores (1 for now, 3 more coming soon) are inside Virgin Active gyms, with the launch store smack dab in the trendy new Whizdom101 district. Most of our menu will stay the same, but we’ve made room for local Thai flavours like soba noodle salads, iced tea and coffee drinks – yum!

Don’t Get Tongue Thai’d! Order Like A Local With These Handy Translations:

  • smoothie น้ำผลไม้ปั่น nám pŏn-lá-máai bpàn
  • water น้ำ nám
  • iced tea ชาเย็น chaa yen
  • coffee กาแฟ gaa fae
  • iced coffee กาแฟเย็น gaa-fae yen

Next Stop – The Netherlands!

Europe’s got a growing crush on clean eating. It also has lots of very busy people, especially at Utrecht Centraal. With sixteen platform tracks, over 1 000 departures and almost 200 000 passengers per day, it’s the Netherlands’ busiest railway station.

With so many people on the move and hungry for nutritious nourishment, we naturally had to freshen things up with a Kauai! 70% of the menu will stay the same, but we’ve tweaked the rest to the tastes of the Dutch, like adding more on-the-go items (everyone here’s got a train to catch) and using homegrown ingredients, like Boerenkaas.

Where Should We Take The Freshness Next?

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