With the COVID-19 situation evolving every day, keeping your immunity up should be a top priority—and it starts with your gut, where 70% of your immune system resides. We’ve gut some gut health tips for you to follow. 

By now, many people are very much aware of the importance of a healthy gut. It is very clear that a healthy belly equals a healthy body.  Your gut houses a community of billions of different bacteria (probiotics) that work to make you healthier. Each kind does a different job and prefers certain foods to others. You need different types of bacteria to keep your gut in balance; more diversity in the bacteria is associated with better health. Try to include these ingredients in your daily meals to feed your gut and to make sure it is healthy and happy!


Yoghurt serves as an excellent source of good bacteria also known as probiotics, the right kind of yoghurt, not the sugar filled flavoured yoghurt but rather sugar-free full-fat version. Add some yoghurt to a frozen smoothie pack from the PnP powered by Kauai range

PnP Powered by Kauai Frozen Smoothie Range

Eat Lots of Vegetables, Legumes & Beans

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of nutrients for a healthy microbiota. As they are high in fibre, the body needs bacteria to break the fibre down which helps stimulate the growth of bacteria in your gut. Sources of fibre that is good for your gut: beans, legumes, broccoli, chickpeas, lentils & whole grains. 

PnP powered by Kauai Frozen Meal Range - Thai Veg Curry Bowl


PnP powered by Kauai Frozen Meal Range - Garden Cottage Pie PnP powered by Kauai Frozen Meal Range - Hearty Veggie Bowl


Sourdough is made by fermenting the dough, it is a lot more digestible than regular bread and it releases energy a lot slower. The process of fermentation usually involves bacteria or yeast when converting the sugars into food(bread). Learn more about the SCHOON sourdough we serve here. PS. SCHOON is available at selected Checkers stores.

Gut Health tips - Sourdough bread


Almonds are known to have good probiotic properties. They are high in fibre & loaded with fatty acids & polyphenols which is the ultimate treat for your gut. Feeling a little peckish during the day or need a good pick me up snack, grab a handful of almonds. Or sprinkle roasted almonds over the Moroccan Chicken and chick Pea bowl on our PnP Powered by Kauai range. 

Gut Health Tip - Almonds


Fresh ginger may assist in the production of stomach acid that also helps in stimulating the digestive system to keep moving food through the gut.  Adding ginger to your daily meals and drinks is very easy, whether you put some in soups, stews or smoothies or fresh ginger tea (hot water poured over grated ginger). 

Gut Health tip - Ginger root

Try out some of these tips & ingredients in your daily meals and thank us later! Remember a healthy happy gut equals a healthy body and you, you’ve gut this!

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